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Anne Thornton-Patterson - Welcome to my life-between-lives (LBL) website

As Featured in Spirit & Destiny Magazine November 2010


You would know the hidden realms
where all souls dwell.
The journey's way lies
through death's misty fell.
Within this timeless passage
a guiding light does dance.
Lost from conscious memory
but visible in trance.

Dr Michael Newton


Everybody wonders, at some time in their lives, what happens after death. People seem to have a faith that there is an afterlife and this belief is the foundation of the great religions of the world. However, the paradox is, without any evidence to back this faith up, we cannot be certain about what really happens when a person dies and what the afterlife is actually like.

Past life regression is one of the techniques used by hypnotherapists to access memories of previous incarnations that a client's soul has experienced in different bodies. It is not uncommon for a subject to get a glimpse of the death experience and what happens directly afterwards during past life regression therapy.

Dr Michael Newton has taken this therapeutic process to its logical conclusion and developed, over a period of 30 years of clinical work with clients, a method to access and explore the deepest soul memories of the time in the 'between-lives state' - the afterlife.

Dr Newton facilitated over 7000 LBL regressions during his extensive career and built up a fascinating and compelling picture of the spirit world from the information recounted during the sessions. His books, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls summarise his research work with individual clients and allow readers to take their own spiritual journey through the eyes of his subjects. Dr Newton found that the spirit world, far from being a sort of state of limbo where we await rebirth is, in fact, a place of great order, justice and love. In this 'between-lives state' souls reconnect with their personal guide or teacher and meet again with their close soul companions. They work hard on their life lessons, develop their skills and plan their next incarnations. Souls experience the unconditional love that surrounds them in this place as they learn and grow and perfect themselves.

Michael has now retired from his hypnotherapy practice but has trained, through The Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy (TNI) many dedicated practitioners to continue his work with individual clients.

Explore this site and find out more about how you can take this profound and life changing journey for yourself. All details about my practice, availability and fees are to be found on the relevant pages.

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